Public Roadways

Public roadway paving requires the use of heavy construction machinery, including trucks, milling machines, pavers and other types of heavy equipment. This machinery requires a tremendous amount of energy to operate, and noise is an inevitable by product of this energy.

Our project superintendents are highly skilled in coordinating work to reduce public impact of public roadway reconstruction projects. Call us at 847-526-8368 to discuss your project today or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   to include us on your bid list.


The Four Basics of Road Construction

The Milling Process

Milling machines are very large pieces of equipment with large rotating drums lined with steel teeth. The teeth cut into the roadway surface, removing the desired layer of asphalt.This material is removed from the road to ensure that all areas of damaged or unstable asphalt are removed from the road, to provide a uniform surface for new pavement, and to allow us to re-pave the road at the same elevation, an important safety consideration that allows the road to shed rain water, maintains the elevation of guard rails, curbs and other safety structures.The removed material is loaded onto trucks that transport the material back to our production plants for recycling.

After the road is milled, the grooved surface is painted with line stripes and re-opened for traffic.

Paving involves specialized heavy equipment that receives asphalt material from dump trucks supplying the work site from our production plants. The paving machine uniformly spreads the asphalt material across the roadway. The paving machine is followed by compactors that compress the material while it cools, forming a hard, durable and safe driving surface. Once the asphalt has sufficiently cooled, the roadway is lined with temporary lane markings, and the roadway is opened to traffic.

Localized Repairs
Localized repairs and improvements to the highway are conducted throughout the work project. These changes may involve upgrades to curbs, entrance and exit ramp improvements, installation of traffic monitoring equipment and repairs to guard rails.

Pavement Marking
After the road resurfacing has been completed, the roadway is marked or "striped" to indicate line placement, breakdown lanes, etc. For most roadway users, this step looks like the end of the project, although some roadway improvements may still be occurring through the work zone.

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